€439.99 for an EBS Heavy Duty Treadmill – Express Delivery


  • The EBS is a heavy duty treadmill that gives you serious athletic performance within your own home.
  • Boasting a range of features, the EBS can easily be packed away by using the hydraulic-assisted folding function.
  • Access 12 different built-in programmes or create or your own.
  • Adjust the speed from between 1km/h and 12km/h, with four pre-set buttons also provided for increasing by intervals of three.
  • An electronic incline function then lets you change between four gradients up to 12%.
  • Monitor your progress with a colour LED display that shows your speed, distance, time, and calories.
  • The presence of a heart monitor lets you monitor your condition as well.
  • The EBS will even let you connect or insert a music device to provide motivation.
  • Compatible storage devices include MP3, USB, and SD card. Use the keys provided to control the device.
  • Comes with a 2 Year Warranty

-Start/off switch
-12 built-in fitness programmes
-Range of speeds: 1-12km/h
-Four quick-select pre-set speeds: 3 km/h, 6 km/h, 9 km/h, 12 km/h
-Speed adjustors positioned on hand bars
-Electronic incline function
-Adjustable incline gradients: 2%, 4%, 8%, 12%
-Colour LCD display: speed, distance, time, calories, heart rate, scan all
-Heart rate monitor
-Music device integration
-Safety switch for emergency stop
-Hydraulic-assisted soft-folding

-Motor: 2hp
-Runway size: 120cm x 42cm(3.9 x 1.3 ft)
-Full product size (l x b x h): 175 x 74 x 134cm (5.7 X 2.4 X 4.3 FT)
-Dimensions when Folded (l x b x h): 90cm x 74cm x 153cm( 2. 9 X 2.4 X 5 FT)
-Package dimensions (l x b x h): 173cm x 75cm x 35cm (5.6 X 2.4 X 1.1 PT)
-Weight of machine: 63kg (9.9 STONE)
-Weight of delivered package: 71kg (11.1 STONE)
-Max user weight: 150kg (23.6 STONE)

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