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€12.99 for 'The Ideal Guard' or 'In Dark Blue' Cyril Meehan Book


  • The Ideal Guard
  • “The Ideal Guard” is a book full of true, funny and bizarre stories of everyday experiences encountered by a Policeman in his dealings with drunks, criminals, the courts, the general public, the courts and indeed those at his own expense or that of colleagues
  • For sure, being a Policeman is a serious business, but now and again “Murphy’s Law” dictates that things go wrong or turn out to be hysterically funny
  • This book has catalogued such gems of memorable moments when fun replaces the normally serious, mundane or predictably routine side fighting crime
  • Publisher: Covie Publications
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 2015

In Dark Blue

  • “In Dark Blue” is certainly not about the funny and light-hearted side of Policing - on the contrary it is a brutally factual and eye-opening account of dealing with issues such as, suicides, fatal car collisions, lifesaving and life-threatening situations, drunks, car chases, informants, and the frustrations of border policing in the struggles with the IRA
  • This is a frank, warts and all, account of an operational, at the coal face policeman, who had experience of working in every type of environment, be it the troubled border, village, island, large town and city police work
  • In Dark Blue, very candidly covers past successes and failings of the author himself and indeed at times, by Garda Management, in properly serving the public
  • The training regime of the past, as well as the internal culture, is also examined, as is the divisive and corrosive issue of workplace bullying and how it can damage an officer and the organisation, when not dealt with properly
  • To those of you who may have an interest in trying to understand and get a real insight into the everyday challenges experiences by members of An Garda Siochana, “In Dark Blue” is a must read

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